Two Steps Back…

In reading an article on CNN about the wage gap between men and women ($1 to $0.76 per hour), I was interested to learn that this gap may not necessarily be accurate:

But all the wage-gap ratio reflects is a comparison of the median earnings of all working women and men who log at least 35 hours a week on the job, any job. That’s it.

It doesn’t compare those with equal work, equal training, equal education or equal tenure. Nor does it take into account the hours of overtime worked.

Pretty interesting, yes, as is the rest of the article, which goes on to state:

A recent Carnegie Mellon study found that female job applicants who tried to negotiate a higher salary were less likely to be hired by male managers, while male applicants were not.

Ah, gotta love it. A step forward, and then two back. I’m intrigued and shall be looking further into this and related studies.