career move…

since it is now official and i have informed all the necessary parties, i am at liberty to share this spicy tidbit i’ve been wanting to post about for some time… you see, my life over the past couple months has centered almost exclusively on my career, and it’s been hard to post at all because i have been that focused on my professional life.

so, what changed that now permits discussion of such matters? well, i turned in my 2 weeks notice today.

i didn’t intend on changing jobs so soon (been at current company ~6 mos), but many factors contributed to my decision to pursue another position… something more aligned with my career goals, yadda yadda. (yes, there is reason behind my deliberate vagueness, as i shall soon address).

ok folks. here it is. the grand declaration. you ready? christ, just get on with it, lauren. what’s the freaking what? alright, alright. i have accepted an offer from Oracle Corp. for the position of Software Engineer II. onward i go… to the “world’s second largest independent software company.” it shall be quite a shift going from a company of roughly 30 employees to one with nearly 50,000. it’s most certainly an exciting venture on the road of my life…

however, i shall not share the intimate details related to this choice or other matters of my career, as i prefer to avoid detailed discussion of work on a personal blog. i don’t necessarily draw a definitive line between my professional and personal life, but i do have my boundaries. alas, we have now reached one such stop on the venture through laurensworld. how’s the scenery? pretty nondescript, eh? well, if you are left with the aching desire for more detail… or, hell, just burned by the simple curiosity aroused by such evasiveness, feel free to email me. perhaps then we can delve further into this new development. i am all too wary of publishing information related to my profession on the web… even the slightest detail could be misconstrued, and i shall not have my career sullied by some passing comment posted to a blog or other such forum.

ok. all that being said, i am very stoked at this new turn in my path. i am starting to see a career ahead of me versus just a series of jobs that occupy my days and provide for my livelihood. it’s yet another eerie step towards the future, and i am carefully seeking to approach each milestone with careful consideration and clearer thoughts of the bigger picture. it’s liberating yet terrifying. i do not wish to lose myself and all i believe in, yet i crave success… but this success i seek to establish, build, and nurture on my own terms.