More Politics that Bring Lauren Down…

Apparently, I stood on Common Ground… with 24% of Georgians… when I voted to reject a ban on gay marriage in 2004. And Georgia’s top court voted today to reinstate this ridiculous ban. The New York State Court of Appeals deliveried a ruling with similar consequences today, as well. Apparently, the court “refused to recognize same-sex marriage.” Ooh. So commanding.

Whatever happened to separation of CHURCH and STATE?? In a practical sense, marriage is simply a LEGAL binding of two individuals. Courts are meant to decide legal matters, no? Then why is the gender of said individuals so problematic in a purely legal sense? It’s NOT. So, what now?

Well, well… We must preserve the “institution” of marriage!! Oh yeah, like that institution really holds any power these days. Considering that one of my friends recently ended a 9-year marriage in a matter of 30 days, I tend to disagree that marriage is this almighty institution that people seem to engorge with such high esteem. The juxtaposition of ideas forms this seeping pool of irony that I just want to lie down and bathe myself in, only to jump up and flail myself through government corridors, splattering seas of contradiction relentlessly down on every person I see.

2 thoughts on “More Politics that Bring Lauren Down…

  1. Unfortunately I don’t think your church & state argument holds much water. There is no law or constitutional right to gay marriage, and hence there is nothing unconstitutional about the ban. While the merits may seem preposterous, the ruling was correct.

  2. It’s people’s attitudes of marriage that make it weak, not what any government or religion says about it.

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