The Speed Technology Permits Still Eludes Many…


Dear Lauren,

Your order placed on our website
has shipped from our warehouse on: 08/22/2006.

Order Number: 12****76
Order Date: 8/1/2006 2:54:36 PM

Your order was shipped via US Mail and there is no tracking service provided. Please allow 7-10 mailing days for delivery. If you need assistance we ask that you please contact our Fulfillment Warehouse at 800-554-****.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Yes. I ordered something that I saw on an infomercial, and, yes, it’s totally sweet. So there. I saw the infomercial at my parents house before leaving for Lexington to visit my relatives. Lo and behold, my cousin happened to have a similar, older version of the same chopper I’d seen on TV, and I was amazed at the ease with which she was able to create perfectly diced tomatoes, cucumbers, and the like.

I just don’t understand why, given that I placed the order ONLINE, it took so incredibly long to ship. What, do small gnomes have to assemble each chop wizard? Scary. Gnomes. They must’ve eaten the tracking numbers, too.

One thought on “The Speed Technology Permits Still Eludes Many…

  1. Ahhhh…I’ve seen this thing and it looks like it kicks ass. Please post whether the new and improved model sucks or not. My bet is it takes so damn long because it’s such a cool kitchen appliance that they can’t keep ’em in stock.

    Later on.

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