Daily Archives: 09/20/2006

The Raconteurs

I went to The Raconteurs show last night at the Tabernacle. They rawked the fucking caspah! By an odd twist of fate, I had a ticket in the upper middle balcony. I typically prefer to be on the floor, but no dice… kinda odd because I’d always thought that Tabernacle shows were general admission. However, despite some slight apprehension that I may fall down the stairs when returning to my seat with a drink, it was a pretty kick ass view of the show. Add to that the fact that I didn’t get stepped on or sweated all over (except by my own sweat, which is fine), and I’d have to say that it was pretty damned sweet.

My ears still hurt a little today, but man oh man, it was worth it. If you get the chance to see The Raconteurs live, do it.