Thanks, Amy!

I was worried as shit that she’d be too fucked up to make Lollapalooza (which was completely bad ass), but my girl Amy Winehouse held strong… well, until a few days later. She performed pretty damn well, considering the cocktail she’d probably mixed in her gastrointestinal track… Oops, I meant, given her state of exhaustion. Sucks for all the folks who were expecting to see her in August, but hopefully she’ll gain some weight so she can handle the drugs 😉 Oh, or she could get clean, but… well, she’s already spoken (sang) for herself on that topic. Whatever do I mean? The poor drunk is just tired! Oh, how I love you, Amy…

Amy Winehouse Cancels All Her August Commitments

“Amy Winehouse is putting all her touring commitments for this month on hold until further notice in order to address her health issues,” representative Tracey Miller tells PEOPLE.

The rep also refuted reports that Winehouse was or is in rehab. The singer’s U.S. tour and performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, both slated for September, are still happening, she said.
On Aug. 8, Miller told PEOPLE, “Amy was admitted to London’s University College London Hospital for exhaustion, treated and released just this afternoon. The doctor said she was suffering from severe exhaustion, and she was told to rest.”