Atta girl!

Amy, Amy, Amy, way to fucking go!! Since I’ve openly chastised her, I also have to give props where they are due. Mad ups to Amy Winehouse, one of my favorite musical artists, for showing up and kicking ass amidst all the bullshit going on in her life and the media. Seems like she’s at least somewhat on the mend. Keep it up, girl!

Amy Winehouse received a standing ovation after singing at a London awards show Tuesday night – her first performance since canceling her recent tour dates.

“At the end of the performance, the room erupted in applause and wild cheering,” Kevin Milburn, director of the Mercury Music Prize (which is awarded to the best British and Irish album of the past year), tells PEOPLE.

There also was some question over whether she would make it to the Mercury Music Prize. But her father, Mitch, was all smiles after watching her belt out an acoustic rendition of “Love is a Losing Game” from her nominated album Back To Black in what the BBC described as her searing voice.

“She was very happy to be here. And I’m just thrilled she was here,” said the elder Winehouse, according to the BBC. “She gave a brilliant performance and she looks well.”

According to Milburn, “Amy had announced she would not be doing any performances for the next couple of months but flew in from her holiday in St. Lucia especially for the occasion.”