What the Fuck, Rolling Stone?

After reading Rolling Stone’s ***1/2 star review of Consolers of the Lonely, The Raconteurs new album, I was driven by a force beyond myself to post thisblog entry. This review made me instantly exclaim– Fuck Rock Critics!! Then again, this review is from Rolling Stone, a magazine to which I have a lifetime subscription and a consistent, love-hate relationship. I mean, they gave Britney Spears’s Blackout the same ***1/2 rating. I shit you not. How can I take anything they publish seriously?

Then again, I’ve never let a critic dissuade me from listening to anything. I can’t say the same for the masses. I don’t even feel the review itself deserves a proper dissemination, but I will post the quote that baffled me… “Overall, Consolers feels less like a project and more like a jam session.” I can’t fathom how, after listening to the entire album, one could conclude that. From that, one could conclude that Britney’s overproduced and vapid album is commensurate with a “jam session”? Logic does not follow into these depths, and nor do I.

Listen. Learn. Think. Evolve.

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