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W Hotel – Commentary 2

Food is good. Sangria is awesome.

Don’t over tip – 22% gratuity already added to room service bill.

Nice mini bar. Expensive as expected. 8.5 for Bud Light. Worth it at 2 am.

Don’t accidentally lock yourself out of room. Most humiliating experience of the stay. Had to wait in lobby for 20 min in my PAJAMAS at 5:30 AM.

Rooftop bar is interesting idea, nice look, way too crowded with limited seating. No dance floor, which would be cool. Nice patio.

Pool is small but awesome location – outdoor patio on 4th floor.

Overall stay was a bit more than I anticipated, but I didn’t consider room service and bar tabs.

Offered to drive me to Marta station, which is within easy walking distance.

Overall impression: not as nice as I expected, but funky & cool atmosphere. Food, drinks, decor, patio pool, rooftop bar, and most of the staff make the place a good place to stay. Unimpressed with front desk clerks, and disappointed with one in particular. The front desk clerks did not treat me as well as I expected from a W hotel. Whenever, Wherever staff was great, as was room service delivery and maid service. Front desk staff needs training in customer service.

pretty things hurt™

name for clothing, accessories line for women. inspired by a pair of 5″ heels.

W Hotel – Rooms, Commentary 1

Rooms are small.

Walls are paper thin.

Bathtub is standard; I’d hoped/expected a garden tub.

No Bible found so far! Never happened before. It’s a plus.

Experiment: W Hotel Buckhead

I am at the W Hotel Buckhead for the weekend, and I decided (after some interesting experiences) that I would review my stay at the hotel. It could become a cool (likely expensive) hobby.

More to come.