Well, I finally took the time to figure out what to do with my blog given that Blogger turned off ftp support in 2010…

I migrated to WordPress!

More to come as I figure this thing out, customize my stuffs, and devise nefarious new plots for!

2 thoughts on “Revival

  1. Welp, I gotta thank you first for this, probably the one forum where I can convey my feelings from which you don’t have me blocked. (this and your windshield, of course!) Secondly, thanks for following your instincts and hanging out with me over the past four weeks. I enjoyed it immensely and it was gratifying and rewarding to have a great girl like yourself at my side, especially given my circumstances.

    Thanks again for the memories, but more importantly: thanks for the blog/book /stand-up fodder. Needless to say I won’t use your last name, but man—you gave me at least a whole chapter of pure gold! Be well, beautiful, and expect me to look you up when I return from my trip…

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