(Informal) Application for Scholarship to Meditation Retreat

I applied for scholarship for the Toy/Hawkins retreat because I’m currently on long-term disability (LTD) leave from work due to ongoing struggles with mental health conditions, which I have been on for over a year. Prior to transitioning to LTD, I was on and off short-term disability leave. Thus, my income has been cut down 50-67% for the past couple years, and my medical expenses have been significant. Furthermore, I no longer have health insurance (as of May 2013), so my considerable medical bills are now all coming out of pocket. That being said, I have doctor-approval to begin engaging in vocational counseling and other actives to aid me in transitioning back into the work force.
I am more than willing to work in trade to assist in offsetting the cost of my room/board for the retreat. I can arrive early/stay late if needed.
Now, I chose this retreat in particular because Judith Toy led my first-ever retreat at Southern Dharma with her late husband Philip back in 2008. That came near the beginning of the struggles that I’ve had to face and overcome the past several years, and Judith’s 1-1 dharma talk set the wheels in motion in terms of my facing and dealing with the unhealthy relationships and substance abuse issues that plagued my life.  I feel strongly compelled to return to Southern Dharma to share my gratitude with Judith and continue to move in the right direction in my own recovery. Southern Dharma & Judith Toy are huge in the overall picture of my life and my return to peace.
At this time, my funds are extremely limited. However, I feel it’s prudent for me to try and cover 50-67% of the fee, since this is commensurate with the change in my income as compared to previous years.
Thank you for your consideration.