Tax Return Extension | Bullshit Government Shutdown

I’ve procrastinated long enough. I’ve gotta get busy on my taxes. Warning: I suspect that I’ll need to VENT significantly from my virtual soapboxes, Facebook & Twitter, over the next 24-36 hours.

Here’s some fodder to fuel the fire:

Due to the federal government shutdown on October 1, IRS operations and services are limited until further notice. However, this does not change the October 15 tax filing deadline for extension filers. is fully functional and the IRS is still accepting efiled tax returns. Here is a summary of how the government shutdown affects taxpayers:

Deadlines: All tax deadlines remain in place. If you filed a tax extension, your tax return filing deadline is still October 15, 2013. All other tax filing and payment deadlines remain the same, as well.

Tax Return Processing: Tax returns that are filed electronically will still, for the most part, be processed automatically by the IRS computer systems. Tax returns filed on paper will be considered filed on the date they are mailed, but they will not be processed by the IRS until full operations are restored.

Tax Payments: All tax payments will be accepted by the IRS as usual. Tax payment deadlines are unchanged.

Refunds: Unfortunately, no tax refunds will be issued by the IRS until full government operations resume.

Support: The IRS will offer no phone support during this time. You can still get automated support by calling 800-829-1040. The IRS website will remain online, although certain online tools may not function.