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No Longer ‘Prime’ Membership

I’m so done with Amazon Prime. In their continuing efforts to save money (and make more money, as corporations are actually legally bound to act in their own fiscal self-interest), Amazon’s packaging and shipping have gone down the toilet, at least in my experience. I’m OCD about my books. If I purchase a brand new book, it better arrive  without a crease or ding in it. Period. If you promise me 2-day shipping, then I better get my books on time as promised. This practice of transferring packages from UPS to USPS may save Amazon money on that transaction, but it’s losing loyal customers, such as myself.

I placed an order over the weekend for 3 books. It was split into 2 shipments, one of which arrived on time yesterday via UPS, albeit the book came in a barely padded envelope that looked like it’d been used as a football. The spiral-bound book inside was certainly worse for wear. Disappointing.

The second package was transferred from FedEx to USPS, who marked it as Delivered at 4:44PM. Was it delivered? Nope. How do I know? Well, I was home, for one, but my Postman doesn’t EVER even bother trying to deliver to my door. Anyhow, it also wasn’t in my mailbox. Nor was there a key for one of the larger parcel/overflow mailboxes. And, NOPE, there was not a notification letter in my mailbox indicating that an oversized package had been delivered to my leasing office. So, essentially, USPS LIED to me and to Amazon by reporting a package as delivered that was, in fact, not delivered. Their numbers don’t suffer, but I, the consumer, do.

I contacted Amazon, and their lack of alarm was very disconcerting. They treated this a commonplace, no-big-deal, be-patient scenario, which really frustrated me because I felt deceived and let down. If I pay for a service that’s meant to deliver my packages in 2-days, and, in fact, ⅓ of my order manages to make it on time whereas the other is deceptively labeled as having been delivered on time… and your response reveals this to be a typical occurrence, there’s something very wrong here.

Such a shame. I’ve had Amazon Prime for 5+ years. It’s hard to let go of a long-term relationship, but it becomes simple when you and your things are treated like crap.


I love therapy to this day: pay somebody just to not run screaming from the room. This is the best! And I can talk about anything I want. I’m not making fun. I love therapy, and I’m grateful I had it, but it didn’t stop me from drinking, guys. Therapy won’t stop you from drinking if you’re the real McCoy, the ‘genetically predisposed alcoholic.’ Bill Wilson uses that term, not Chris Raymer. Bill Wilson says, ‘But what about the real alcoholic?’ Introduce yourself from the podium like that sometime and watch them line up after to take inventory. ‘What do you mean? You think you’re special?’ ‘Probably.’”

—Chris R., from his Oct. 24, 2013 talk at We Are Not A Glum Lot Big Book Study in Dunwoody, GA

I’m what they call a ‘Big Book Enthusiast.’

I heard somebody say that the other day, and I said, ‘I’m gonna steal that and use it forever and ever.’ I always call myself a ‘Big Book Thumper,’ ya know, and it always sounds so derogatory. It’s just — I’m just excited about the work.”

—Chris R., from his Oct. 24, 2013 talk at We Are Not A Glum Lot Big Book Study in Dunwoody, GA

I’m 70 days sober and proud to rank myself among the oft-misunderstood motley crew of  ‘Big Book Enthusiasts.’ 

Let’s get busy living.