Final Friday the 13th of 2013

108 days free from psych meds. 78 days of continuous sobriety.  I’m not endorsing discontinuation of meds, not by any means, but for me, it took the former to promote the latter. However, I do feel like I was overmedicated.

While we’re talking milestones, check this out: on 12.13.2003, I graduated from one of the finest institutions in the South, The Georgia Institute of Technology with my Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science with Highest Honour.

That’s right! Today’s the 10 year anniversary of my college graduation. What a long, strange, wonderful trip it’s been.  I’ve always wanted to return to higher ed, but the winding road of my life hasn’t quite led me back there yet. I’ve actually started looking at PhD programs in Neuroscience… and, armed with a burgeoning clarity of mind and reinvigorated sense of self, this dream may finally have wings.

Happy Friday the 13th, y’all! DREAM BIG!