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Blog posts from 2004-2009.

W Hotel – Commentary 2

Food is good. Sangria is awesome.

Don’t over tip – 22% gratuity already added to room service bill.

Nice mini bar. Expensive as expected. 8.5 for Bud Light. Worth it at 2 am.

Don’t accidentally lock yourself out of room. Most humiliating experience of the stay. Had to wait in lobby for 20 min in my PAJAMAS at 5:30 AM.

Rooftop bar is interesting idea, nice look, way too crowded with limited seating. No dance floor, which would be cool. Nice patio.

Pool is small but awesome location – outdoor patio on 4th floor.

Overall stay was a bit more than I anticipated, but I didn’t consider room service and bar tabs.

Offered to drive me to Marta station, which is within easy walking distance.

Overall impression: not as nice as I expected, but funky & cool atmosphere. Food, drinks, decor, patio pool, rooftop bar, and most of the staff make the place a good place to stay. Unimpressed with front desk clerks, and disappointed with one in particular. The front desk clerks did not treat me as well as I expected from a W hotel. Whenever, Wherever staff was great, as was room service delivery and maid service. Front desk staff needs training in customer service.

pretty things hurt™

name for clothing, accessories line for women. inspired by a pair of 5″ heels.

W Hotel – Rooms, Commentary 1

Rooms are small.

Walls are paper thin.

Bathtub is standard; I’d hoped/expected a garden tub.

No Bible found so far! Never happened before. It’s a plus.

Experiment: W Hotel Buckhead

I am at the W Hotel Buckhead for the weekend, and I decided (after some interesting experiences) that I would review my stay at the hotel. It could become a cool (likely expensive) hobby.

More to come.

Lyric snippet that really resonates with me.

you got your reasons. me i got mine. but all the reasons i gave were just lies. to buy myself some time.

Almost over it

Had about enough of Facebook. My time on the site is less than it used to be, but it seems like time that could be exceptionally better spent.

I never had any desire to know as much as I do about most people.

I waste time on the site looking at bullshit.

I mean, really. If you are truly a friend, the site is essentially pointless.

So what the fuck good is it?

Rent this apartment!

Looking for a new home in the Highlands? Rent my current apartment! Grocery, library, bars, and restaurants within walking distance. MARTA stop down the street. Low utilities.

A Spark

Creative & technical in nature. I’m really excited about a small ‘project’ I’ve been working on for some friends over the past couple days. I’m feeling inspired!

More details to come. Laurensworld is not dead yet, and it just might be due for a reincarnation.

Curious and Curiouser

Wondering why I keep this domain, this website, this blog… even though it’s sadly and poorly maintained.

Because I don’t want anyone else to fucking have it.

Isn’t that a good enough reason?

New Ink