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What the Fuck, Rolling Stone?

After reading Rolling Stone’s ***1/2 star review of Consolers of the Lonely, The Raconteurs new album, I was driven by a force beyond myself to post thisblog entry. This review made me instantly exclaim– Fuck Rock Critics!! Then again, this review is from Rolling Stone, a magazine to which I have a lifetime subscription and a consistent, love-hate relationship. I mean, they gave Britney Spears’s Blackout the same ***1/2 rating. I shit you not. How can I take anything they publish seriously?

Then again, I’ve never let a critic dissuade me from listening to anything. I can’t say the same for the masses. I don’t even feel the review itself deserves a proper dissemination, but I will post the quote that baffled me… “Overall, Consolers feels less like a project and more like a jam session.” I can’t fathom how, after listening to the entire album, one could conclude that. From that, one could conclude that Britney’s overproduced and vapid album is commensurate with a “jam session”? Logic does not follow into these depths, and nor do I.

Listen. Learn. Think. Evolve.

Repeal Prohibition of Sunday Sales of Alcoholic Beverages at Stores in the State of Georgia Petition

Repeal Prohibition of Sunday Sales of Alcoholic Beverages at Stores in the State of Georgia Petition

Check out the petition. Read it. Sign it. Drink on Sundays!!

Congratulations, Amy!

Amy Winehouse kicked ass and took names at the Grammy’s last night, winning 5 of the 6 awards for which she was nominated.

She also delivered a powerhouse performance.

Way to go, Amy! I am so happy to see amazing, quality music that I love finding critical acclaim. Oh, and, girl, stick with sober. You don’t need any drugs to be amazing.



damn. there it is. spelled out before my eyes. proof! and not some paltry imitation. no, i’m talking serious evidence that removes all doubt.

look! i just knew it! well, bully for me.

sometimes i forget that being proven right can come with such bittersweetness.

Go See The Golden Compass

Forget all the hype, controversy, and hullabaloo surrounding the release of The Golden Compass. Just go see it. It’s an amazing tale, and, if there wasn’t so much focus on certain religious undertones in the movie THAT ARE SIMPLY UNDERTONES… I think more people would be seeing it. I’m refusing to further discuss this supposed controversy because it’s moot. Just see the flick, and you will understand. There’s never any direct connection made. Period.

Parents, families, everyone– don’t be frightened of this movie! Seriously. It’s a wonderful tale of fantasy that I simply loved. Be open minded, and think for yourself. Feel free to ask me any questions about the movie if you are concerned about its content. Just don’t blindly follow hype. This story is too good to be missed because of close-mindedness.

Netflix rules…

… and, yes, Blockbuster drools 🙂

So I just wanted to update any interested parties who’ve read my diatribes against Blockbuster Online. I decided to take the plunge and do a trial of Netflix while I was still a paying customer of Blockbuster Online. Well, it didn’t take long before I canceled Blockbuster and chose to stick with Netflix. All my complaints and problems with Blockbuster are non-issues with Netflix. And, holy hell, Netflix’s website puts Blockbuster to shame.

More details to come as they seem relevant. I just wanted to state, for the record, that I prefer Netflix to Blockbuster Online. So there ya go.

Amy Winehouse performs at the Mercury Awards

Here’s the video of Amy’s kickass performance I posted about earlier.

Atta girl!

Amy, Amy, Amy, way to fucking go!! Since I’ve openly chastised her, I also have to give props where they are due. Mad ups to Amy Winehouse, one of my favorite musical artists, for showing up and kicking ass amidst all the bullshit going on in her life and the media. Seems like she’s at least somewhat on the mend. Keep it up, girl!

Amy Winehouse received a standing ovation after singing at a London awards show Tuesday night – her first performance since canceling her recent tour dates.

“At the end of the performance, the room erupted in applause and wild cheering,” Kevin Milburn, director of the Mercury Music Prize (which is awarded to the best British and Irish album of the past year), tells PEOPLE.

There also was some question over whether she would make it to the Mercury Music Prize. But her father, Mitch, was all smiles after watching her belt out an acoustic rendition of “Love is a Losing Game” from her nominated album Back To Black in what the BBC described as her searing voice.

“She was very happy to be here. And I’m just thrilled she was here,” said the elder Winehouse, according to the BBC. “She gave a brilliant performance and she looks well.”

According to Milburn, “Amy had announced she would not be doing any performances for the next couple of months but flew in from her holiday in St. Lucia especially for the occasion.”

Damnit, Amy!! Get well, girl.

Well, Amy Winehouse just keeps on spiraling downward… Not only has she now canceled her MTV VMA’s performance, but she’s blown her U.S. calendar clean through 2008. Jesus Christ, girl. Go to rehab. You got 70 days now. Fuck.

“In a continued effort to support Amy Winehouse’s well being, in addition to the postponement of her U.S. tour, all other U.S. appearances have been canceled,” Universal Republic Records said in a statement.

The 23-year-old Winehouse – currently on vacation in St. Lucia with husband Blake Fielder-Civil – was hospitalized Aug. 8 and treated for exhaustion, the start of a roller coaster ride of canceled commitments and impassioned pleas from her parents and in-laws to stop taking drugs. All of her U.S. appearances have been postponed until 2008.

A (Mild) Tirade Against Blockbuster Online

Aka “I can’t believe that I actually expected a REAL resolution to my customer service inquiry.”

Below you’ll find the discussion thread that took place between myself and a customer service rep for Blockbuster Online as to why I’m receiving my DVD
selections in wht appears to be a random order. I’ve had the same 15 DVDs at the top of my queue for at least a month, yet I keep receiving DVDs further down in my list because the ones I want are somehow constantly unavailable. I’d hoped to hear that perhaps there’s a DVD shortage, or one of the Blockbuster warehouses burned to the ground, or even some explanation or consolation for my not receiving the DVD titles I’m actually interested in at the time. Unfortunately, I got the answer I should’ve expected– a generic explanation of availability that I’d already found on the site. I’m a step away from switching to Netflix. Thoughts?

I’ll even show you the top of my queue so you can provide relevant insight. The titles don’t seem all that rare, special, or popular to me… but maybe I am out of touch. Please inform me! These are the top 15 titles currently in my queue (click for larger image):

P.S. I just received a link for a customer satisfaction survey. Not sure how much it will help, but I did complete the survey, and I was able to express my lack of satisfaction with the answer I received.

Subject: DVD availability

Customer (Lauren) 08/23/2007 09:40 AM
I’ve enjoyed Blockbuster Online/All Access for some time now, and it’s only recently that I’ve considered changing to an alternative online DVD service. The movies in the top 15 or so of my queue seem to be consistently unavailable, and I never quite know which DVD will ship next. I started one season of a TV series, only to realize that I won’t be able to resume watching until the next DVD ships after an indeterminate wait. A friend who has Netflix is able to order all of the DVDs in the top 15 of my queue without a wait. Within the past couple weeks, my friend has added and received the same DVDs that I have been waiting on for some time.

I’m growing concerned, as this problem seems to be getting more serious, at least for the DVD titles that I wish to watch. Should I reorganize my queue knowing that I’ll probably not get the movies at the top of my queue first? I’ve loved my Blockbuster Online/All Access service, but the ability to trade in DVDs at the store is becoming less appealing as the DVDs I actually WANT to watch are increasingly and annoyingly unavailable, at least without a significant delay.

Could you help me to understand what is happening? As I’ve said, I really like my service, but I will switch to Netflix if that means getting the movies I want to watch IN THE ORDER I wish to watch them.



Response (Jonathan, Blockbuster Online Customer Care) 08/23/2007 11:01 AM
Hello Lauren,

Thanks for contacting BLOCKBUSTER Online Customer Care.

I’m sorry to hear we haven’t shipped the DVD you’ve requested. Whenever a rental slot is open, we review the first listing in your queue to determine whether or not it can be shipped from your closest distribution center. If the movie is not available at this center, the system automatically searches for it at other shipping centers that are a bit farther away. If your top queue selections fall outside of an acceptable shipping window, we will send another DVD that falls lower in the queue but will arrive faster. This process helps you receive more titles each month which gives you the most for your money, and helps reduce or eliminate any service delays. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you.

Always here to help,

Customer Care Associate