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Hell Yeah

In response to a comment on my earlier blog when I quit smoking cigarettes, and, just as a general update and fucking kudos to myself… Yes, Lauren is still a non-smoker. Fuck yeah, that’s right!

To top that off, I’m back to working out regularly. I finally cancelled my old gym membership in Alpharetta, and I joined a new, kick ass gym in Atlanta called Fitness Factory. It’s only been two weeks since I joined, but I’m back in the groove already.

Can I get a Hell Yeah?

Damn right I can.

Bring on the 5k!!!

It must’ve been the shoes… and sheer willpower… but I jogged 3 miles last night. And when I say that I jogged, I mean that I jogged the whole time. And it felt good. I even walked half a mile afterwards to cool down, and I wasn’t dead once I got off the treadmill. I was energized. I went home, did dishes, and cooked dinner.

Man, I am stoked.

New Kicks

Well, I didn’t make it to the gym last night, mostly because my feet and legs hurt so badly that it was difficult to walk and extremely painful to stand in one place. However, I did get some new running shoes. My shoe shopping adventure took me from Alpharetta down to Buckhead, and I finally found my kicks at Nike Town. You can check them out here. Pretty sweet, eh? Hopefully, this will resolve my aching feet problem.

Sore… But Not Beaten Down

So I went jogging last night on the Big Creek Greenway in Alpharetta. It’s a really nice trail. I jogged about 2 miles, then walked another 2 miles. And you can bet your ass that I’m feeling it today. Pavement is much less kind to your muscles than a treadmill. Walking is quite a chore today, but I guess that’s part of the game. I’m still hitting the gym tonight, but I’m planning to do upper body and some low-impact cardio like the elliptical machine. I’m driven, man. There’s no slacking now. I don’t have time.

18 days left until the race and counting…

I’m a Runner, too!

So, I kinda got myself into a 5K race that’s being held by my compant, Radiant Systems. You can check out this page for all the info. Hell, you can even sign up. Now I have 3 weeks to prepare for my first race ever. That certainly got my ass into the gym last night, which rules because I’ve not been working out at all lately. I was a bit nervous about whether or not I’ll be able to make it through the race, but after jogging 2.5 miles yesterday, I’m feeling good. Now I just have to keep it up!

Before it was funny, now I am scared.

Here’s the latest e-mail from Gold’s Gym. Should I be nervous or pleased that they are keeping tabs on me?


You did a great job on working out consistently last week. I know that coming in regularly requires a good deal of commitment; it will pay off for you. Keep it up.

I mean, it’s cool and motivating that they do keep up with me, but it’s slightly annerving to have someone knowing where I’ve been and stuff… Kinda like having a significant other without all the good stuff.

We *are* watching you…

From: Gold’s Gym


You are really dedicated to working out. We are proud of your commitment.

Meet Lauren, Software Developer/Mac Specialist

Word came today… I got the part-time job at the Apple Store. I’m now a Mac Specialist. I go in this evening to fill out the paperwork. I’m stoked!

I’ve been introducing cardio, too, this week. Starting out on the treadmill. My initial goal is to get to where I can jog 3 miles.

What does this mean? Well it means that I’m meeting the goals I laid out for myself, which results in a great feeling of accomplishment. Not only am I going to be able to pay off my credit card debt sooner, but I’m actually stoked about the second job I’ve gotten so that I can achieve this. And the working out is something that I’ve wanted to do for some time, but first I had to get the sleeping thing squared away. This is the initial phase of my workout plan– my “getting started” phase. I’ve done 2 miles and 2.5 miles the past couple days, but I’ve been doing a fast-paced walk. I want to maintain the treadmill part of my workout for at least a week, and then I’d like to also introduce Pilates and Yoga, which I can alternate. The words of Penny Lane come to mind “It’s all happening!” Only I’m not referring to anything regarding sex with rock stars. But I’m just as stoked about it!

The quote that really sticks with me right now is the Chinese proverb… “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” I’m certainly glad I managed to take that first step.