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I hate clothes

My stupid new (only 2 months old) black pair of slacks from the Gap are already sprouting a small hole near the back pocket for no apparent reason.

My favorite (designer) jeans always manage to sprout holes. I patch them until I can’t patch them anymore.

My favorite Corduroy jacket has sprouted a hole at the elbow of my right arm.

For this and other reasons, I hate clothes. But I have to have them and wear them. And part of my problem is also that I’ve had quite a time lately drinking lots of beer and Jager, which means that half of my clothes don’t fit as I’d like them to. So that’s a bitch, too. Clothes suck. I wish I could wear a fucking uniform… of my own creation, I suppose… I guess I *could.* I just need to find some slacks that don’t rip and some decent style shirts I don’t have to iron. But man, do I want to do that? Grr. It’s a struggle.

A Valuable ($$$) Lesson FINALLY Learned

So, I’ve had this affinity for Seven For All Mankind Jeans for the past year and a half. They come in cool washes, and they are long enough for me to put them in the dryer to dry. Unfortunately, they cost $130-200 per pair. Yet, I own 6 pairs of these jeans– sensibility be damned, I like my jeans. However, there is something to be said for good old fashioned Levi’s, to which my loyalty is returning. Three of my six pairs of Seven jeans have developed holes or otherwise ripped for no apparent reason. I bought the three pairs together about a year and a half ago. I am currently wearing a pair of Levi’s that I purchased around the same time, and these show no signs of wearing out.

This is an excellent lesson learned. I don’t need designer jeans worn by all the celebs in magazines. They can afford to replace $150 jeans– hell, they probably get them for free. I can get Levi’s in long length. It’s just a matter of trying. This is one of those lessons that I wouldn’t have learned without such staggering stats– when 50% of the crop is bad, it’s time to start reflecting on why I’m overpaying for something that simply isn’t worth it.

Let it be known now, for all to see, that Lauren has *finally* realized the absurdity of her Seven jeans addiction. Free at last!