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Executive Dysfunction : Christmas Cards Edition

Thank you to everyone who sent me Christmas cards! I truly appreciate the effort you took to think of me and others at such a busy time of year.

I’ve never sent out Christmas cards, but this year was to be the exception. After stumbling across a set of Peanuts Christmas cards with Woodstock on every design, I was inspired to adopt the tradition, so I bought the set. I purchased reindeer stamps, despite having plenty of postage on hand. St. Jude’s Hospital sent me a set of snowmen address labels with a donation request that I pledged to honour once I got my first pay check. I got a new set of pens because I couldn’t possibly sign these cards with old ink. I went through my mother’s Rolodex to get the addresses that I didn’t have in my own book.

I had all the ingredients but didn’t manage to complete the recipe in time for Christmas. Sigh. Executive dysfunction in action.

Life is Interesting… Oh, and Happy Holidays!

What an interesting Christmas Eve I had. It’s also my Dad’s birthday, so we traditionally go out to dinner to celebrate. Last evening was not “traditional.”

Once I have had a chance to mull upon it all, perhaps I shall share more. Until later, have a lovely Christmas, whatever you do.

Thanksgiving Greetings

Happy Turkey Day!!

I love, love, love Mitch Hedberg! Man, I just had to get that out.

Perhaps more to come later…

Christmas Day Picture

Here’s a picture of my mother and me on Christmas morning: