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Horoscopes, aka pseudoscience hooplah I used to pay way too much attention to.

Interesting Horoscope for Today

So, if you know me such that you’re in my daily life, then this ‘scope will probably make more sense. It’s poignant and timely, to say the least…

Here’s your horoscope for MARCH 05, 2007.

Date of Birth: April 21

You may have been too tolerant in a certain aspect of your life recently, LAUREN. A family member or a friend may be a little less giving toward you than you are to him. If your tolerant attitude toward that person wasn’t a problem for you, today it could really begin to bother you. Don’t hesitate to do what you need to do to protect yourself and the people close to you…

Holy shit, Batman. A hammer couldn’t strike a nail more effectively on its (ahem, my) head…

Put this in yer pipe and smoke it…


Here’s your horoscope for JULY 18, 2006.

There is some likelihood that your emotions have changed in the past six weeks or so. You’ve been in a mood in which you were no longer attracted to the same people, you were unsure of yourself at work, and even wondered if your own attractiveness had deserted you. But beginning today, these doubts will be dispelled…

Boooooring, eh? Yeah, reading someone else’s horoscope is typically not all that entertaining. But oh well! This is my blog, goddamnit. Okay, that’s a bit harsh. There is some rhyme to my reason… I’m documenting this sucker ’cause it sounds pretty accurate in its depiction of my recent emotional state. Let’s see if things change… and I guess by posting this for all the world to see, I am doing something to encourage the sentiment of this ‘scope. It’s entertaining, folks. Enjoy.

Interesting ‘Scope, More to come….

Here’s your horoscope for JUNE 05, 2006.

Taurus – Date of Birth: 04/21

The expression “turning point in your destiny” often brings a smile to cynical people’s faces, but in your case, LAUREN, it definitely has some meaning. This “turning point” can take the form of a new person in your life or a key event that changes things forever. Sometimes, these things that we only hear about actually happen. One of these things may be happening to you in the coming months.

Va-Highlands Summerfest
… more to come on the 5K I ran, the art and carnie-food… as well as other happenings…

layer 0007 : horoscope accuracy test : day 4

Tarot.com Horoscope for: Tuesday, August 23, 2005
Lauren S. World,
You have reached an important turning point and now it’s time to regroup before you continue on your way. It’s not that you need to change directions; it’s just that you need a punctuation mark in your life — a comma or a semicolon, but not a period. Take a breather; go for a long lunch; or make time to meditate. Then, come back refreshed for what you must do next.
..ooO(this one is dead on. score for tarot!)

Astrocenter.com Horoscope
Here’s your Aug 23 horoscope
Changes in your home could take place at this time. These are definitely positive changes, LAUREN, though they might seem a bit overwhelming. Some could even be described as upheavals, which might mean that someone could move in or move out. It could even involve moving to an entirely new place. They could also involve redecorating, refurbishing, or perhaps adopting a pet. At the very least, expect some emotional changes within yourself. Work hard and enjoy yourself!
..ooO(this one is also fairly accurate, although tarot.com wins this day!)

layer 0007 : horoscope accuracy test : day 3

A new sense of closeness to those around you might have you feeling especially happy today, LAUREN. Your business and financial life should be going very well, your future should seem bright, and now this comes to bring the icing on the cake. Your mind might turn to projects that you might want to try in the future, and this could increase your enthusiasm. Ideas for even more could be coming thick and fast. Enjoy your day.

Whatever you thought was already settled comes back with a twist. Someone didn’t tell you everything and now it’s time for full disclosure. Getting all the hidden feelings out into the open may be upsetting, but everyone will feel better once it’s all been expressed.

layer 0007 : horoscope accuracy test : day 2

so, yesterday’s scopes were for shit, as i noted in the comments section. let’s see if today’s fare any better. updates later this evening.

  • You are tempted to set aside what you know in favor of what you desire — and this may not be a bad strategy. Just keep in mind that you will still need to contend with reality sooner than later. In the meantime, however, accept the apparently positive energies that seem to be coming your way. (tarot.com)
  • If you have been aiming for a specific career goal, LAUREN, it might suddenly manifest with the current planetary energy. You could find yourself catapulted into the public eye in some way. The possibility of an increase in income could come up, though it might be speculative at this point. Your mental energies continue to be high, and so you might be able to grasp all the ins and outs of your situation without much trouble. (astrocenter.com)

new experiment : layer 0007 : horoscope accuracy

below are 2 horoscopes i received for today. which one, if either, is accurate?
from astrocenter.com:

You might discover a hidden talent for writing, or, if you already knew this, you may find that the depths to your skills are greater than even you expected. You might have to execute some paperwork regarding money, LAUREN, but you’ll probably get this done quickly and efficiently. At some point during the day you’re likely to get a little frazzled, but this will pass. Get your work done and enjoy your day.

from tarot.com

Lauren S. World, Now, as your ruling planet Venus enters your 6th House of Work, you may feel less excited about what you have to do and more interested in what you’d like to be doing instead. However you can, take the pressure off the immediate present. Push past the immediate gratification that Venus in Libra usually likes so well. If successful, you’ll be able to accomplish what is asked of you and have your senses pleased a bit later.

updates to come later in the day…

Horoscope for today is right on the money

Lauren S. World,
A maternal feeling may be sweeping over you today, even if you don’t have children and have no inclination in that direction. No matter; enjoy the feeling anyway. Nurturing someone you care for can be healing, if you just make the effort to do it. But don’t take care of another just to feel good about yourself, for it doesn’t work that way. This is about unconditional love.
(from tarot.com)

Right on the Money. Perhaps a bit Eerie, too.

Here’s your Apr 23 horoscope

An obstacle to career advancement that may have presented itself to you in the past few days, LAUREN, might suddenly be resolved today by inspiration from deep within. This solution could prove so beneficial that you’ll want to remember it for when you hit future obstacles – in any department of life, not just career. You may feel so exuberant over resolving this that you’ll want to get out and celebrate. Go for it!

From astrocenter.com


This word was in one of my horoscopes today. I think it’s one of my new favorite words. From m-w.com:

Main Entry: wan·der·lust
Pronunciation: ‘wän-d&r-“l&st
Function: noun
Etymology: German, from wandern to wander + Lust desire, pleasure
: strong longing for or impulse toward wandering