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Happy 1st Birthday Sandra Dee!

Yep, today is Sandy’s birthday. She is 1 yr. old. Of course she got some presents. She’s beyond adorable and positively spoiled.

Sandra Dee

Here’s the latest picture of Miss Sandra Dee. She went to visit her friend Leo Perry on his birthday. You can see all those pictures on my .mac page.

Drugging Cats with Catnip is Fun!

Watch my cats go crazy for catnip here, featuring my color commentary :).

Another Pic of Sandy

Sandra Dee, aka "Sandy"

Well, I went and did it… I got myself a dog. Here’s the first couple pictures of little miss Sandra Dee, aka “Sandy.” I love her so much already!

You can check out all my children at my .mac page. I’m sure there will be tons more pics to come!

More Viggo Pics!

More pics of Viggo… these are still from my camera phone, so they aren’t the most amazing quality, but you can still see how cute Viggo is!


Well, with two jobs comes a few issues:

1. No time to update your blog frequently.

2. Concerns about your lonely cat.

With this post, I’m seeking to address both these issues. Since I’ve been working a lot lately, I was worried that Jack was becoming depressed. And depressed cats are no good because they soon become destructive cats. This past Saturday, I remedied that issue. I adopted a new kitten– a friend for Jack– from CARL (Companion Animal Rescue League) at PetsMart in Duluth. So, here he is in all his cuteness! Meet Viggo, who’s a pint size little 10-week old tabby kitten. Oh, but he’s got a big heart and lots of courage!

The most fortunate thing of all is that Jack and Viggo have been getting along great! Jack’s acting like a big brother, and he seems happier in general, aside from an occasional spat of jealousy when Viggo hops up into my lap or into the bed. However, those tend to pass and the two kitties run along and play just fine together. Not only is Viggo really playful and curious, but he’s also completely sweet and adorable!

Well, I must be going now. Hopefully my next post will come soon. I hope to be getting internet service at home soon in the form of a cable modem and wireless network. Cross your fingers for me!

Cutest Kitty, Part Deux

Jack is too cute! Here’s a more recent picture of him. It’s my current background on my cell phone. I tried to take his picture further away, but he kept rubbing his head against the phone 🙂

(this is a thumbnail that links to the bigger picture)

Cutest kitty

I was looking for an email in my inbox, and I found some pictures of Jack that I have on my phone and had emailed to myself. He is SO adorable! I need to take some new pics– this one is a couple months old. As he’s gotten bigger, his markings have become much more distinct. Perhaps I’ll have more to share soon. For now, enjoy!