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More piercing wishes

So, I want to get some more piercings. My industrial and tragus both rock, but I think it’s time for some more fun. I’d like to get an inner conch and a rook. Not at the same time, mind you, or in the same ear… but I think these are next on my list. Check ’em out here:
Inner Conch

Tragus Piercing

I just remembered the dream I had last night… I got a Tragus piercing… check out http://www.piercing.com/index.php?view=abc&id=24 to see what this piercing looks like. Well, now I really want to get this done. Like, I’ve always thought it looked cool, but I never seriously considered getting it done. Am I serious now? As a heart attack!!

I have an industrial piercing (See http://www.piercing.com/index.php?view=abc&id=21 ) in my right ear, so I want to get the tragus done in my left ear. Damn, I can’t believe how much I want to get it done now that I’ve remembered my dream. I need to find a good place to get it done in Atlanta. I got my industrial done in Athens… but I won’t go all the way out there to get this done. I had my tongue pierced in Little 5… I need to remember where… BTW, I took my tongue piercing out a couple years ago. It was an 18th birthday thing.

More to come on this new development.