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Well, I finally took the time to figure out what to do with my blog given that Blogger turned off ftp support in 2010…

I migrated to WordPress!

More to come as I figure this thing out, customize my stuffs, and devise nefarious new plots for laurensworld.com!

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Techno Geek

For all those uninterested in computers, programming, technology, and the like, stop reading NOW…

Okay, anyone left? Well I just had to express how much I dig both test driven and agile software development. I shall expand upon this topic at some point, but for now I needed to make a public note of this topic that I wish to analyze… because my private/personal notes are somewhat damaged at this point. I may explain why at some point. Damn that’s an annoying statement, isn’t it? Essentially, my personal thoughts are moot right now because I lack the drive to properly express and share them. This too shall pass…. and soon, I hope.

Dead Navi, Disfunctional Camera, Puppy on the Mend, Good Company News

So, my Navi (my pet name for my iBook… see Serial Experiments: Lain for the reference) is dead… a victim of logic board failure that has plagued her peers. Fortunately, it’s covered outside of warranty, but I also have Apple Care, so it would’ve been okay anyhow. She’s out for repairs now, so I should have her back within the week, I hope. I’m very dependent on my Navi for entertainment and communication.

In other news, my new HP digital camera is defective. The card reader doesn’t work, so I had to trade it in for a refurbished one. It’s been delivered to my office this morning, so I should have it by lunchtime. I hope this one works! It was pretty painless to exchange it, although I was a bit annoyed at the fact that I had to trade in my brand-new camera for a refurbed one. However, I figure that the refurbed one was a new broken one that HP fixed, so it should be similar. Hell, I just hope it works and isn’t too jacked-up-looking.

Sandy was feeling better up until Thursday, but then she stopped eating her food. By midnight on Saturday, I was getting very worried, so we ended up at the emergency animal hospital around 3 AM, who managed to freak me out even more. I got her into my regular vet the next morning, and she gave her a stronger antibiotic. She’s been eating and resting, so it looks like Little Miss Sandra Dee is on her way to wellness, thank goodness!

Lastly, here’s some good news. The company I work for (I’m a Software Developer), Radiant Systems, made Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Top 100 Public Companies Ranked my 2004 Performance. Cool deal, huh? 🙂

The Five Stages of Intel Macs

Check out this cartoon. It’s funny as hell. I’m not so disturbed about the news of Intel chips in a Mac. I think it could be good. More to come on this as the news unravels.

Cyborg Name Generator

The next step in my evolution…

Latest Strongbad Email

As usual, Strongbad is funny as hell. The latest email, Do Over is just awesome. I cracked up practically the whole time. Check it out.

Cool USB Drives

I found some pretty neat USB drives in Jane magazine (pretty crazy, huh). Check these puppies out:

Got Gmail?

Holy crap. No, wait, holy Gmail. I have 50 invites. Anyone need a Gmail account?

Meet Lauren, Software Developer/Mac Specialist

Word came today… I got the part-time job at the Apple Store. I’m now a Mac Specialist. I go in this evening to fill out the paperwork. I’m stoked!

I’ve been introducing cardio, too, this week. Starting out on the treadmill. My initial goal is to get to where I can jog 3 miles.

What does this mean? Well it means that I’m meeting the goals I laid out for myself, which results in a great feeling of accomplishment. Not only am I going to be able to pay off my credit card debt sooner, but I’m actually stoked about the second job I’ve gotten so that I can achieve this. And the working out is something that I’ve wanted to do for some time, but first I had to get the sleeping thing squared away. This is the initial phase of my workout plan– my “getting started” phase. I’ve done 2 miles and 2.5 miles the past couple days, but I’ve been doing a fast-paced walk. I want to maintain the treadmill part of my workout for at least a week, and then I’d like to also introduce Pilates and Yoga, which I can alternate. The words of Penny Lane come to mind “It’s all happening!” Only I’m not referring to anything regarding sex with rock stars. But I’m just as stoked about it!

The quote that really sticks with me right now is the Chinese proverb… “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” I’m certainly glad I managed to take that first step.